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When is the prepay deadline?
It is the Wednesday before the Saturday Class.
What do I bring to class?
Bring yourself….and hopefully a sense of humor.A willingness to learn something new. Your driver’s license or learners permit. (If you don’t have either one, then bring an ID and social security number)
Where is class located?
Check the Directions Tab.
Do we get breaks?
We do get a lunch break on your own. You can leave the premises if you wish for lunch.
Is this class DMV certified?
Of course it is. The DMV certification number is 0633.My instructor certification number is 1504-004470.
What is involved in the 8 Hour Driver Improvement Clinic?
This is a classroom based course.We will go over new laws. We will have open discussions about poor driving habits, road rage, DUI, risky behaviors, IPDE Strategy, Crash avoidance, etc.Weather permitting we will do some hands-on learning activities outside such as learning to check tire pressure and fluids.
Is there a test?
Yes, there is a test at the end of the course. But don’t stress it…we don’t like tests….you don’t like tests….but it is a DMV requirement.
As long as you attend the class and participate you will be just fine 🙂